Hello World

Hello all.

How are you all doing ?

Its been a long time being away from this blogging, for me. When i left the blogging, i almost lost my interest toward plenty of things such as blogging, work and all. Now im better than how i was six months back. But this change, also makes me stay away from blogging.

I get into face to face chats. I’m getting more inclined towards the real world, than the virtual world. Moreover I’m very uncomfortable at in-direct conversations. Direct face to face conversations, and speaking very openly does helps me a lot.

A lot of people talks indirectly, through signs. I’m not against that style of communication, but its hard for me to interpret and understand such indirect conversations. Talking out things straight, works better and comfortable for me. Or may be my mind cannot understand such indirect conversations.

Moreover, i’m under medication for low confidence levels. The fire i use to have is lost. Im not sure why it is so. But the fire is so low, that my low confidence level seems to be worsening my body and life. So i was prescribed some medications to have the boost of confidence. Medications seems to work with confidence levels. But the fire, the ability to persist is lost. Or maybe Im lacking enough motivation. And then i came across a TED video regarding motivation for business, which also helps in several other areas of life.

Whatever it is, its hard for me to get back into blogging. But i cherish my days here, my experiences, my life&heart here, and people whom i have met.

Time is changing, a great amount of growth seems to be possible for every human on the earth.

This is the time, BE FREE, set yourself wild, get along with friends and family, and gear up for the golden decade ahead.

With cheerz, smile and giggles.


Vitamin B12 deficient


For the past 10 years, i had gradually reduced my meat intake and was inclined towards being vegetarian. I met a dietitian and ensured from him that a vegetarian diet can provide all what a body would require, and hence was sticking with a veg diet, and been avoiding non-veg foods for a long time.

Until very recently, I was sure of my way. A month back, a friend of my father suggested me to take a health check up in another part of the state. I’m not usually inclined towards much of the modern medicines and doctors. I usually believe they know a little and cared much less than what they know. And so i don’t take much health checkups unless i’m highly convinced its necessary and will yield results. This time, despite my lack of faith in modern medicines and doctors, i did accepted for a health check up for my fathers words.

The story is pretty long. But i will try to keep it a little short.

The doctor whom i met was quite an expert. While i was half the way explaining my health problems, she completed the rest by herself. She did knew what i was facing, just in a couple of minutes. Her first question was whether I eat meats and eggs. I replied that i had reduced my intakes. She continued her words stating that it is very likely to be a vitamin B12 deficiency and she wanted me take a blood test to confirm that. I did take the blood test and found that Vitamin B12 was low ( somewhere around 200 ). The doc said that it usually uses to be around 800 for most of the people and I had around 200 which is enough to live, but not enough to carryout daily activities comfortably.

This vitamin B12 is said to be available only in animals products such as meats, eggs and milk. This particular vitamin is important for nerves and heart. Insufficient quantity of this vitamin is likely to damage the nervous system and heart.

I did a lot of research on the internet and threw a lot of questions to the doctor, to avoid consuming meats for the love i have for animals. In the end i learnt that it is possible to get Vitamin B12 from milk, yogurts, etc. 500ml of milk per day can give us the required amount of daily vitamin b12. Even supplements and Vitamin B12 fortified foods can be taken. But transformation from non-vegetarian to vegetarian/vegan is often quoted as a risky task, and such experiments doesn’t succeed most of the time, or probably requires a lot of tweaks. And so i decided to end up my 10 years of efforts towards becoming a vegetarian,, atleast for a while.

Intended to keep my readers healthy.

Wish you all a good day ahead🙂

A nice story

A woman came with a child, and the woman said, ”Maulana, Master, I have tried every way and this child won’t listen. He eats too much sugar. And I know now only one way is possible: if you say something to him, he will listen, because he respects you. He does not understand what you are and who you are, but he respects you. And when I told him, ’Come with me to Maulana,’ he said, ’Okay, if he says, I will stop.’”

Maulana looked at the child, at his trust. He said, ”Wait, come after three weeks.” The woman was puzzled. Such a simple thing. And Maulana is known all over the world. People come from far away countries to ask him great problems, and he solves them immediately – and such a silly thing. He could have said, ”Yes, don’t eat,” and the thing would have been closed. Three weeks? After three weeks the mother came with the child, and Maulana said, ”Wait three weeks more.” The mother said, ”What is the matter?” He said, ”Wait, come after three weeks.”

When they came back, he said to the child, ”Okay, listen. Stop eating sugar.” The child said, ”Okay, I will stop.”

The mother said, ”Now one question arises in my heart – and I will not be at rest. Why did you take six weeks for this?”

Maulana said, ”I like sugar myself. So how can I advise this child? That would have been untrue. So for three weeks I tried – and I failed! Then for three weeks I tried again, and now I have succeeded. Now I can say, ’Please, you can also stop. Look, I am an old man – even I can stop. You are a child, a young child; you can do anything.’”

– OSho – From Ecstasy – The Forgotten Language

Vermicelli says wiki

Too much into the science and exercise. Today i will write a casual post, just to help my readers feel little relived from usual topics.

I don’t know what to write. So i will write this post based on the posts that i read from my readers, Mr. Juan and Mr.Derrick.

Mr.Juan use to write sometimes about his cat Toonce. Well, i used to have cats as well. That was 10 years back. Yesterday i was flipping an old photo album and found pictures of  my family members along with the cats that we had. It reminded the good times i had with my cats and how much we loved the cats. After moving from our own house we didn’t have pets. I thought why we stopped thinking about having pets. Well it was because my mother was having a hard time cleaning the rubbish created by the cats. I’m not sure how people train cats. But with the cats i had, they use to do all sorts of dirty works inside the house. But other than that, they were good companions. After going through the photos, i thought why i shouldn’t have another cat now. Well, i have a little nephew who is quite equivalent to the cats, and he is enough for time being. Moreover i got two goldfishes, they are more like puppies.

Mr.Derrick use to write what he eats everyday. Something i haven’t noticed from most of the bloggers. Its a normal writing, but i like it, as it sounds more friendly. I’m not going to tell you what I ate today, but I will write what I had yesterday. Yesterday morning I woke early, but had breakfast too late. I had “Semiya Upma” for breakfast [ English translation : Vermicelli says wiki ], its something like pasta. For the lunch i had the traditional “Sambar Rice” along with “Plantain fry”. For the evening snack, i had 4 Almonds, One tasty Apple, and a cup of boring usual tea after few mins. For the dinner, I had Dosa along with Tomato Chutney.

And as I’m writing this post, I’m listening to this song …


Was busy with work for the past 2 days. Will catch up with my readers posts, soon🙂

The science behind Introvert & Extrovert


There is a science behind everything. The laughs we have, the life we live and tv we watch, everything has a science behind it. Understanding how science works, can help us to solve most of our problems. Its definitely hard. I’m not talking just about learning from books & internet, but also learning from our own experience, learning from our own observations. Why the science is often been ignored is because it needs a deep thought, a deep focus, which most of the introverts possess.

I don’t think there is anyone who is 100 % introvert or extrovert. I mean to say that everyone of us, from time to time get a glimpse of introvert and extrovert nature. If a person can get a glimpse of something, then a person is also capable of being that.

If a person can go deep, then the person is using the introvert attribute. If a person can go wide, then the person is using the extrovert attribute. Thats the basic science behind introverts and extroverts.

When we are striving for perfection & Quality, we are along introvert side. While we are striving for Quantity & variety, we are along extrovert side.

When we are using the macro/zoom lens, we are along the introvert side. While we are using the wide lens, we are along the extrovert side.

When we love deeply, we are along the introvert side. While we love shallowly, we are along the extrovert side.

Both the sides are good. Introvert helps us to see our inner world. Extrovert helps us to see the outer world. One without the other is lifeless.

I don’t mean that we need to adopt both the styles, and I also don’t say not adopt. What i point is, If it is possible and if it happens, embrace it, welcome it and enjoy both the worlds🙂

Have a good day ahead🙂